I support a balanced budget, and will vote to only spend money that our government has, rather than borrowing from our children.

I believe in the lowest form of taxation possible to still fund a government.

My platform of Smaller Government, Children First applies to this belief system. A more affordable Maryland will have a trickle up effect, in that the more burdensome regulations we are able to remove, the lower taxes we impose, and the less fees we charge, the better opportunities will be available for our lowest-income Marylanders. Our poorest residents are disproportionately hurt the most by how expensive Maryland is, and it is time for that to stop.


Our boomer population is reaching retirement age; among them, are my parents. For families that have spent their lives here, raised families, and are becoming grandparents, the thought of leaving Maryland is a difficult one.

Maryland must improve its competitiveness to neighboring states to remain an attractive option for the aging population who are deciding whether to stay here when they are no longer working and bringing in an income. For private industry employees, the best way we can do this is to reduce the burdens on business, which will reflect in lower prices. For public sector employees, we can best do this by supporting legislation to make retiree income tax-free to match neighboring states. I will support this legislation when elected.


I support and will introduce blue law repeal. These antiquated laws do not keep us competitive with neighboring states.